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2024 Season Nursery Stock

Plant Starts for Sale

Our garden inventory changes like the moon...if there's something you're looking for that isn't listed here, let us know! Pick-up or local delivery available. Contact us (link at bottom of page) for pricing and availability🌸
  • Herbs 
    Sold in 3" pots

    🌱 Lavender - Assorted perennial varieties
    🌱Sage - Assorted perennial varieties, including lyrata (Lyre-leaf), New England's only native sage
    🌱Chamomile - Roman
    🌱Echinacea - Purple, Yellow
    🌱Mountain Mint
    🌱Licorice Korean Mint *Perennial to zone 7, protect from frost if over-wintering outdoors
    🌱Lemon Balm
    🌱Agastache - Anise Hyssop
    🌱Savory - Summer, Winter
    🌱Parsley - Flat, Curly
    🌱St. John's Wort
    🌱Broadleaf Plantain
    🌱Stinging Nettle 
    🌱Wild Bergamot  

    Annuals (And perennials of warmer climates, may be grown as annuals in Connecticut, or brought indoors during the cold season):
    🌱Basil - Genovese, Chinese Sweet, Lemon, African Blue Spice, Persian, Thai Sweet, Cinnamon, Dark Purple Opal
    🌱Tulsi (Holy Basil) - Vana, Krishna, Rama
    🌱Chamomile - German
    🌱Fennel *tender perennial*
    🌱Lavender - Assorted annual varieties
    🌱Sage - Assorted annual varieties
    🌱Ashwagandha - Vedic
    🌱Crimson Clover (Trifolium incarnatum)

  • Flowers 
    Sold in 4" pots

    🌸Dried flowers and custom cut flower bouquets (June through September) also available. Contact us to order.
    Perennial Flowers (And Biennials):
    🌸Rudbeckia - Sahara, Black-eyed Susan
    🌸Hollyhock - rosea & ficifolia mix (Outhouse)
    🌸Lupine - perennis & polyphyllus. Sold in peat pots in limited quantity. Do not disturb roots when transplanting
    🌸Lobelia - Cardinal Flower (CT Native)
    🌸Bee Balm (Wild Bergamot)
    🌸Mallow (Malva sylvestris)
    🌸Violas & Pansies - (mixed varieties including Johnny Jump Up, Swiss Giants, Historic Florist, Celestial Blue) Sold in 3" pots
    🌸Milkweed - 'Soulmate' Swamp (CT Native)
    🌸Foxglove - purpurea (Dalmation Purple)

    Annual Flowers (And Perennials of warmer climates, may be grown indoors during cold season):
    🌸Dahlias - variabilis (Showpiece Double Mix, Dandy Improved, Double Extreme, Pompom), hybrida (Unwins mix)
    🌸Zinnias - Violet Queen, Macarenia, Aztec Burgundy Bicolor, Mazurkia, Polar Bear, Will Rogers 
    🌸Daisies - African Blue Disc, Shasta, Livingstone, Pink Shades Paper, Swan River Mix
    🌸Gaillardia - Indian Blanket
    🌸Snapdragons - Tall Deluxe, Oriental Lantern, Cherry Twist
    🌸Marigolds - Colossus Red, Chica Flame, Kilimanjaro White, French
    🌸Salpiglossis - Grandiflora Mix
    🌸Nigella (Love-in-a-Mist) - hispanica (Midnight), damascena (Miss Jekyll Mix), sativa (Black Seed)
    🌸Sunflowers - Chocolate Cherry, Henry Wilde, Autumn Beauty, Sun Spot Dwarf Cola, Evening Sun, Peredovik
    🌸Borage - Blue, White
    🌸Bachelor's Button - “Classic Fantastic” (Blue) 
    🌸Cosmos - Purity, Candy Stripe, Cosmic Red, Dazzler, Sensation mix, Double Click Pink, Cupcake
    🌸Calendula - Pacific Beauty, Pink Surprise, Snow Princess, Playtime Mix
    🌸Nasturtiums - Orchid Flame, Alaska Mix, Bloody Mary, Black Velvet, Rose Red, Jewel Mix. Sold in peat pots. Do not disturb roots when transplanting
    🌸Poppy - Amazing Grey, Black Peony, Supreme, Florist Pepperbox
    🌸Roselle Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) sold in 4" or 1 gallon pots depending on maturity (plant size) at time of sale

  • Veggies 
    Sold in 4" and 1 gallon pots, depending on maturity (plant size) at time of sale. Lettuce available in 3" 6-packs

    Brassicas & Greens:
    🌱Lettuce - assorted varieties including Yedikule, Merlot, Tom Thumb, White Boston, Bronze Mignonette, Marvel of the Four Seasons, Mesclun, Buttercrunch, Pablo, Landis Winter
    🌱Celery - D'elne, Amsterdam
    🌱Spinach - Bloomsdale, Galilee 
    🌱Kale - Nero di Toscana
    🌱Swiss Chard - Vulcan Red
    🌱Chinese Broccoli (Yod Fah)
    🌱Bok Choy - Milk, Hedou Tiny 
    🌱Arugula - Wild Rocket 
    🍅Aunt Molly's Groundcherry
    🍎Cherokee Purple
    🍎Brown Sugar
    🍎Costoluto Genovese
    🍎Dad's Sunset 
    🍎Napa Chardonnay Blush (cherry)
    🍅Blush Tiger (cherry)
    🌶Sweet Orange Bell
    🌶King of the North (Bell)
    🌶Txorixero (sweet, Paprika pepper)
    🌶Arroz con Pollo (mild seasoning pepper)
    🌶Sweet Moruga (heatless, smoky)
    🌶Tobago seasoning pepper (“warm” seasoning pepper)
    🌶Black Hungarian (mildly hot)
    🌶Jalapeño (hot)
    🌶Buena Mulata (hot)
    🌶Cayenne (hot)
    🌶Thai Red Chili (quite hot)
    🌶Datil (very hot)
    🌿Black Beauty Zucchini
    🌿Gray Zucchini
    🌿Crookneck Early Golden
    🌿Rugosa Friulana
    🌿Desi Squash
    🌿Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop (Patty Pan) 

    🥒Beit Alpha 
    🥒Early Fortune
    🥒Cucamelons (Gherkin) 

    🍆Black Beauty
    🍆Rosa Bianca
    🍆Listada de Gandia
    🍆Senshu Kinukawa Mizu 

    🍉Ali Baba
    🍉Kiwano (Jelly Melon) 

    🎃Casper White 
    🎃Connecticut Field 

    Berries (limited quantity):
    🍓Strawberry - Alexandria, Fresca
    🍓Garden Huckleberry (Solanum melanocerasum)
    🍓Red Goji